Tooth-Colored Fillings in Birmingham MI

Tooth-Colored FillingsAfter filling thousands of cavities, Dr. Sushko is a skilled professional in the field. With his expert eye and experienced hands, he can make your cavities disappear by using a tooth-colored filling compound that is custom-blended to match the shade of your natural teeth. Once set, the filling compound is virtually undetectable and 100 percent mercury free.

Same-Day Fillings

If fillings are needed, Dr. Sushko can usually take care of them during that same visit. He will first numb the area with a numbing gel and an injection that you will hardly notice. Some shallow fillings can be done without any anesthetic at all. Then the cavity is filled with a tooth-colored composite that will match your natural teeth. No more silver and black fillings like you got in the old days! If the cavity is larger, the doctor may use an inlay or onlay, which is a porcelain restoration that will cover the cavity.

Replacing Old Amalgam or “Silver” Fillings

Many people are concerned about their old fillings and are having them replaced. Dr. Sushko can remove and replace your old amalgam or “silver" fillings with inlays and onlays, restoring your teeth to their natural beauty. Besides being an undetectable tooth-color, the composite filling material is superior to the old amalgam fillings in many ways. The final result is almost as strong as the natural tooth.