Restorative Dentistry & extensive dental work

restorative dentistry dr sushko "What really makes me happy is to take someone who is in need of getting their teeth and oral health into really good shape and taking them step-by-step to achieve that."

—Dr. John M. Sushko

Restore full function and health

The purpose of Restorative Dentistry is to bring your teeth back to full health and function. Various procedures are used to achieve this, including crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures.

Dr. Sushko puts patients at ease with his caring chair-side manner. He listens to what you have to say and discusses with you your options. Patients love how thoroughly he explains each procedure and how gentle he is in his treatment.

Major or extensive dental work

Dr. Sushko has the skill and experience to handle even the most difficult of dental problems, no matter what state your teeth may be in.

Sometimes people have put off dental work for many years because they are afraid of what it will cost to repair their teeth or smile, or simply because they are afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Sushko will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. He makes his services affordable and offers financing options to help you obtain the dental care that you need.

At our office every effort is made to provide optimum treatment that will fit your needs.

The procedures used can include:

If you are concerned that you may need extensive dental work, you can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Sushko.

He will examine your teeth and gums and assess the best methods to return your teeth to full health and function, or simply to improve your tooth alignment and smile.

Patient Testimonial

"He is just that Painless and Caring"

"I have been coming to Dr. Sushko since I was referred 5 years ago and he is simply wonderful. Every time I sit in his chair I could fall asleep while he is workinghe is just that painless and caring.

I have referred numerous people and will continue to do so. I will never leave this dental office! His staff have always been great which adds to the impressiveness of his serviceservice is something I value greatly. Because of such excellent service I will always be a loyal customer."

—Lori McKinnon