Gentle, Trusted Family Dentistry for 37 Years

From toddlers to seniors and everyone in between, Dr. Sushko understands the specialized needs of patients both young and old. Dr. Sushko treats patients of all ages and believes that it’s never too early or too late to start caring for the teeth.

A lifetime of healthy teeth begins with regular preventative dental care, including exams and professional cleaning. Dr. Sushko recommends visiting the office every six months for a checkup, or more frequently in some cases.

Preventative care is important for patients of all ages, as is proper maintenance. Let our gentle, experienced staff show you how to care for your teeth in-between visits in order to preserve your smile for life.

Children's Dentistry

Dr. Sushko knows how important it is for a child to have a positive and comfortable experience at the dentist and he strives to make every visit a pleasant one. Dr. Sushko offers friendly children’s checkups and extra-gentle cleanings. Dr. Sushko does everything that a general dentist does, but for kids as well.

To find out more about our special children's services, click here.

Orthodontics for Children, Teens and Adults

In addition to being a general dentist, Dr. Sushko also practices orthodontics. With his extensive experience and highly trained staff, Dr. Sushko can handle even the most advanced cases right in the comfort of our office.

The best time to use braces to straighten a child’s teeth is during a major growth spurt when the bones are fairly pliable and it is easier to align the teeth rapidly. Jaw size problems may need to be treated earlier.

To find out if your child is ready for braces, call us at (248) 686-1073 to make an appointment for a free orthodontic consultation or click here to book online.

General & Preventative Dentistry

As a general dentist, Dr. Sushko can deal with dental situations of all kinds. If you require emergency dental care for a toothache, wisdom teeth removed, or simply are due for a checkup and cleaning, you can be sure that Dr. Sushko will treat you quickly, gently and with the best of care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

From Clear Correct® invisible braces to sparkling porcelain veneers, Dr. Sushko can give you the smile that you've always wanted. To find out more about the ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile, click here.

Dentistry for Seniors

As we get older, we often discover that our dental needs our different. Dr. Sushko is fully equipped with the latest technological advances to help you restore your mouth to full function and attractiveness, even if it has been a while since your last dental visit. Dr. Sushko is experienced in providing crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures, so regardless of your needs, you will be fully serviced.