Advanced Dentistry at Sushko Dental in Birmingham MI

advanced dental technologyAt Sushko Dental, we use the latest technology to ensure that our patients get the very best care available. Our new equipment helps the doctor diagnose conditions quickly, and this cutting-edge technology makes your experience in the chair more comfortable and pleasant.

Panoramic X-Rays

The panoramic x-ray gives the dentist a broad overview of the entire mouth showing the teeth, upper and lower jawbone, sinuses, and other tissues of the head and neck – all in one X-ray. Otherwise hidden or deep cavities will show up as well as gum disease.
It is also used for evaluating patients:

  • with past or present TMJ or jaw joint problems
  • requiring full or partial removable dentures, dental implants or braces
  • who may have a tumor in the jaw
  • who have impacted teeth (especially wisdom teeth) or have had any recent trauma to the face or teeth (e.g. can help identify a fractured jaw)
  • who cannot tolerate other types of films
    (severe gaggers)

Ultrasonic Scaling

ultrasonic scalingUltrasonic scaling is a new weapon to fight periodontal disease. The scaling device looks like a small wand with a tip that produces ultrasonic vibrations. These vibrations in combination with a flow of water remove plaque, tartar and bacteria from the teeth, gums and mouth. Ultrasonic cleaning is more effective than old-fashioned methods and can remove build-up beneath the gum line and stubborn deposits.