Adult Orthodontics in Birmingham MI

adult bracesDr. Sushko understands that adults have different needs when it comes to orthodontics. But braces aren’t just for teenagers anymore. Overcrowded, misaligned or crooked teeth can be corrected, no matter what your age. By using braces with his adult patients, Dr. Sushko is able to achieve the best possible smile in the shortest possible time.

Adults usually find that their treatment lasts longer than treatment for kids and teens because they are no longer growing. But with proper care and attention, orthodontia for adults results in long-lasting, beautiful smiles.

If you're ready to change your smile, whatever your age, call Dr. Sushko for a no-charge consultation today!

ClearCorrect Aligners

ClearCorrect clear aligners are an excellent orthodontic choice for many adults, and Dr. Sushko is a highly-trained, experienced ClearCorrect provider.

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